CAC Payback Period Explained: How to Calculate and Reduce SaaS Payback Period

  If you pay for a cup of coffee, you enjoy the warmth and taste in the moment and benefit from
By Patrick Campbell

Improve Renewal Rate to Reduce Churn + How to Calculate Saas Renewal Rate

I love reading stories of SaaS companies that truly get it when it comes to renewal rates.
By Patrick Campbell

The Difference Between SaaS Metrics & GAAP Accounting Metrics

You’ve just landed a customer who has signed a $20,000 contract for the next year — $10,000 now,
By Patrick Campbell

The SaaS Metrics That Lead to a $10M Series A

Here's a guest post from Mathilde Collin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Front, a shared inbox
By Mathilde Collin

The Most Important Subscription KPIs to Pay Attention to for Growth

The health of your SaaS business is entirely in the data, and a lot of SaaS professionals tend
By Patrick Campbell

The 7 Most Important SaaS Metrics to Track (And When to Track Them)

SaaS companies are handed dozens of shiny metric tools on a tray and told to measure things. It
By Patrick Campbell

Formula To Calculate & Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

When you’re starting your SaaS company, it can be tempting to get customers any way you
By Jordan T. McBride

Why LTV/CAC Ratio is the Lifeblood of SaaS + How to Calculate It

Revenue from customers is your company's lifeblood. It helps your business sustain and allows it
By Patrick Campbell

What is ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)? How to Calculate and Optimize ARR

Your monthly or annual recurring revenue (MRR and ARR for short) is one of the primary reasons
By Jordan T. McBride
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