What is MRR? Calculate, Optimize & Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Your SaaS business lives and dies by consistent subscription revenue. To measure that growth or
By Tucker Allard

The 10 Subscription Business Metrics and KPIs to Start Tracking Today

There are a few key metrics that all subscription businesses should be completely on top of.
By Patrick Campbell

Growth Guide: Methods To Calculate & Measure Growth Rate [+Formula]

Momentum—the driving force of every SaaS company’s success. Growth stems from momentum, which
By Patrick Campbell

What is Annual Contract Value & How To Calculate ACV

The SaaS four-letter acronym tends to be awash in three-letter initialisms: LTV, CAC, MRR,
By Patrick Campbell

What are Monthly Active Users + How to Calculate it

Many people swear by monthly active users (MAU) as a metric to measure the health of your
By Patrick Campbell

What is Daily Active Users? How to Increase your DAU and Minimize Churn

Daily active users is a key metric you should follow when you’re in the subscription business.
By Patrick Campbell
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