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Behind the minds of 3k founders

Abby Sullivan Dec 19 2019


Today, we’re scooting on out of here with subscription scooters. But first, Nathan Latka interviews 3,000 founders to uncover their unique strategies to driving growth. And finally, we help you build trust.


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Insight from 3,000 of the greatest

What if you could talk to every CEO and ask them what unique channel they actually used to acquire customers?

Sounds insane, but that’s what Nathan Latka did. He interviewed more than 3,000 founders to unveil what unique things they did and the outlets they used to drive massive growth. 

We’re talking over 200 unique growth channels, and none of the flat, overplayed ones like Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns. It took Nathan four years to compile this list, and he's publishing it in the January issue of Latka Magazine. 

Here are a few teasers to get you psyched.

  • A platform called Paved streamlines email advertising and sponsored content.
  • LinkedIn’s new newsletter feature is great for email sends.
  • And apparently internet service providers love when people forward your mass emails to friends.

And page six of the magazine has them all. Definitely worth checking out (and reaping the benefits) from this seriously intensive surveying.


Pass the limes

Lime scooters announces LimePass, a weekly subscription service that waves the unlock fee on renting their electric scooters and bikes. 

“Subscriptions are fast becoming a way for scooter and bike-sharing companies to lock in more customers in the hopes of boosting their revenue stream,” attests the Verge.

Surprisingly, though, no two companies have landed on the same subscription model, so there is room for experimentation ahead.

As rental companies are springing up in cities around the world, competition for riders is only intensifying. Earlier this year Bird launched an all-inclusive subscription for $24.99 a month. And although Lime says pricing will vary between markets, a screenshot of the subscription suggests it will cost $4.99 per week in San Francisco.

Lime, let us officially welcome you to subscription land.


In business we trust

We’ve said it time and time again: in business, we trust. And… we build trust. Building a successful operation is all about just that: relationships (especially in sales).

And Kenny MacKenzie over at Predictable Revenue took to their blog with a piece on the importance of relevance and trust in outbound sales.

When crafting messaging for outbound sales, he asks—how do you decide what words make the cut and what words get axed?

In doing so, you can apply these filters:

  • Is the word(s) helping to establish relevance with what the prospect already wants?
  • Is the word(s) helping to boost your credibility or trust?

Getting this right isn’t so simple though—but when you do, people engage with you even if they don’t know you or your company. The trick is to tie what you do (or sell) to what they already want. That’s nailing relevance.

Breaking down the challenge of successful sales development starts with separating the activities that contribute to mapping relevance between your offering and your prospect, and the activities that contribute to your prospect trusting you.

Read the full piece for scenarios and actionables, so you can start fostering that ever-coveted and oh-so-necessary trust. 

We’re also linking here to a post our ProfitWell crew wrote on NPS—how to optimize it and build out your brand loyalty.


ProfitWell Book Club

As a modern-day manager, you can’t just go by one script and expect your team to work at its fullest potential. The job is flexible and dynamic, and any help you can get figuring out what your roles are, and when to play each one, should be taken advantage of.

So we're diving deep into High Output Management, written by Andrew Grove—a Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, author, and a pioneer who claimed being a manager is a lot like being a sports coach. You need to gather information on the situation at hand, put the players where they need to be, and motivate them to push harder than the competition. 

Check it out in today's episode of Recur Now.

And that’s a wrap for your December 19 subscription news. 

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By Abby Sullivan

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