A White Label Marketing Agency Could Be the Answer to Your Business Needs

White Label Marketing Dashboard software is a powerful online marketing solution built specifically for internet marketing gurus looking to boost their SEO and Internet advertising campaigns. The dashboard consists of an intuitive interface, reporting capabilities, and social media integration. Vital features include: a 100% white application dashboard reporting facility, customer profile (so agencies can customise dashboards and reports with their business name and logo), search engine visibility indicators, full website analytics and link building reporting. The software also allows users to integrate all third party social media campaigns into the suite of tools and has a fully featured analytics suite to monitor website performance across the whole web.

An SEO marketing tool which gives agencies full control over their own campaigns. White Label Marketing can be tailored to meet SEO needs of individual clients or agencies. Features include: pre-set search engine optimization strategy (for clients who wish to run keyword research on their own or have a defined set of keywords and want to fine tune the campaigns accordingly), full site audit, integrated link building service, complete SEO audit, full site optimization, link popularity checker, link building reporting and more. This suite of tools enables SEO agencies to create tailor made white label marketing plans suitable for each individual client. These tools are ideal for agencies who do not wish to invest money in a full suite of SEO tools but are interested in enhancing their websites or helping their clients with SEO strategy.

For businesses, a white label marketing dashboard is an ideal way to track every visitor, track actions like clicks, bounce rate, etc., and provide reports in real time. It is also great for reporting, tracking and collecting business intelligence. Business intelligence is the information created by sales, marketing, operations and accounting departments to support strategic decisions.

With the growth of social media, Internet usage and search engine optimization, traditional metrics such as conversion rate, number of clicks and page views are quickly becoming obsolete. Real total performance is required to measure business intelligence. This is where a white label marketing dashboard can help. Analytics dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of a website’s performance that can be easily understood by a single user, whereas traditional metrics are time consuming and labor intensive. They also cannot monitor changes that may occur naturally as a website grows, such as adding new pages or updating content on a regular basis.

White label marketing dashboards provided by analytics software vendors give digital marketing agencies a comprehensive view of website performance that can be used to fine-tune campaigns, develop new strategies and measure progress. In addition, the dashboard provides critical insight into how users are finding your website, which can help in designing an effective website that attracts visitors. If you are interested in using a white label marketing dashboard, you should ensure that the vendor you are working with has experience in this area. The dashboard should include data from both desktop and mobile devices so that any changes made to the software can be reflected in the overall performance report.

If you are in need of a dashboard that displays visitor behavior and search engine results such as page rank, bounce rate and search engine optimization, then you should check out the Open Site Explorer and White Label Analytics dashboards. Both of these solutions provide a comprehensive view of website performance and it makes sense to work with digital marketing agencies if you are in need of either of these types of reports. Alternatively, you could work with a third party who specializes in this area. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important to work with an agency who understands your needs and provides a white label marketing dashboard that meets all your needs.

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