Eco Friendly Products in Italy

Italy is a country which is famous for its scenic beauty and eco-friendly products are second to none. The green spots in Italy can be seen in the landscape, in the villages, towns and cities; it is a green country and proud to be so. It is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly goods and has made an effort to be more ecologically sound by conserving energy, water and space.

One of the best examples of eco-friendly products in Italy is the use of recycled glass. Italy produces over five billion liters of glass each year which is a tremendous amount considering the entire human population of Italy lives in the city of Rome. There are several companies that manufacture and export eco-friendly products in Italy and most of them have their own websites where they show examples of their work. These companies include Allegrini, Alba Veteri, Accuto, Alberti, Carousel, Cacuta, Chicco, Corax, Creative Glass, Enviglo, Gerardi, Hirsuta, Intrepidio, J&A, Keurig, Kieselstein, Lefroy, Merelda, Mezzanini, Orne, Phat, Pizzelle, Proactiv, Revere, Sante Fe, Scratch, Silhouette, Sunwatchers and Thermoplastic.

Eco friendly products have become quite popular in Italy due to the large number of visitors to the country. Italy is a country that boasts of beautiful landscapes with snow capped mountains and beautiful sunny summers. The use of sustainable resources has been encouraged in this country as much of the tourism revenue is generated from outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Tourism is one of the country’s main industries and is a major source of revenue. Many companies have reduced or eliminated the use of plastic bags and other biodegradable items as a way to help reduce plastic waste. Some hotels have replaced incense with herbal scented candles.

There are many eco friendly products available in Italy. Organic food stores and cafes that offer freshly caught seafood are becoming more popular. Food that is grown organically is also increasing in popularity. This type of food can be grown in the soil itself or by using hydroponic systems that provide the nutrients needed without soil.

Some companies offer a range of all natural organic food products. These include a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, chocolates, tea and coffee. In addition to these specialty foods, some companies produce a wide variety of off the shelf foods that are made from all natural, renewable sources. These products include olive oil, herbs, tea leaves, coconut and other naturally produced ingredients.

This growing trend toward eco-friendly products in Italy is expected to continue. With tourism and the need for healthy food on the rise, this is a market that is sure to expand in the future. Italy is a great place to visit for eco-friendly products in Italy. There are plenty of opportunities to shop and eat.

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