How To Use Google API Keyword Ranking Checker

Google API Keyword Rank tracking is a method that helps you get information about how many searches a particular keyword has been getting on a monthly basis in any niche market area. The keywords are input into the Google APIs so that the crawlers and spider bots can read them. The robots then read the keywords and search the internet for relevant information. The information returned includes the number of searches performed each month for each keyword and an average search volume over the last three months.

The first step to using the Google API keyword ranking checker is to access the Google site. Once you have access, you just have to type in the desired keyword in the text box on the left hand navigation panel. In the search box, select the relevant tool, and click on the Measure Keywords option. Now click the Set Target URL link under the Measuring Target link.

The Google keyword ranking system works best when your primary keyword is used as the primary word or phrase on your website content. Your target keyword should also be one of the top ten search terms or phrases on the first page of any search engine. If you do not have a high number of keywords for your main keyword, you can consider finding related keywords or creating secondary keywords.

To use the Google API keyword ranking checker, it is essential to include all the relevant keywords in your website content. If the primary keyword is not used, you can incorporate a secondary keyword or phrase into the content so that it has the same value as the primary keyword. There are a number of software applications available on the internet for this purpose.

You may also consider incorporating a URL parameter into the code of your web application to target a specific URL only when the primary keyword or phrase is used as the URL. As an example, if you were writing a blog post about dogs, a keyword ranking checker would find the term ‘dog’ and return all the websites that have this in their URL. This way you can ensure that your blog entries show up on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. even if your primary keyword is not used in the article title or body text.

You can also use the google api keyword ranking tool to find keywords that are competitive. The Google competition API provides data about how many pages of the Google site are for each keyword, how much the average keyword price is and the total number of searches done for each keyword. This can be an extremely useful tool to identify competitive keywords. You can use the Google competition API Keyword Rank Checker to identify competitive keywords. However, using the competition API will not guarantee rankings for these keywords in Google, so you’ll need to work a little harder.

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