How to Use Keyword Ranking API

Google’s Keyword Ranking API provides accurate information on searches performed and average positions for keywords. It’s free to use, and is a great complement to your SEO campaign. According to Google: “The Keyword Positioning API provides detailed information about keyword searches performed over a given period and over several different keyword sets. This information can be used by applications such as our Content Network APIs and Bing search engines. The API also provides an estimate of the number of keyword impressions, which can be helpful in determining the return of investment.”

Keyword ranking is important to any online business. With the right tools and a little know how anyone can easily rank for thousands of terms with little or no effort. Amazon’s keyword ranking api, for example, is a great way to analyze the competition you face and decide how to rank for highly searched keywords without paying a penny. Amazon offers many tools to assist in your campaigns, such as its AdWords Keyword Research tool.

Keyword Rank API can also help you determine the relevancy of your website. Its “Density Analyzer Tool” helps you analyze the density of your content relative to other websites in your niche. You can also compare how your ads are displayed across different search engines. The Keyword Rank API calculates the level of competition for every keyword by connecting it to existing data.

This online research tool connects you to Google’s Keyword Rank Explorer, Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool, Google AdSense Keyword Research Tool and Google AdWords Resources. You can choose which ones you want to import from your own account. Importing data is easy since there are a number of formats you can choose from. After importing all the information, you can run some reports on your own. The Google planner shows how you are progressing as well as the competition.

The Google Search Volume Metric tool is a tool that gives an estimated search volume for a specific keyword over a given period of time. In SEO research Google traffic estimator, you get to see the traffic source, geographic location and other details. This SEO tool also gives you an estimate of Search Volume, Search Position, Search Volume per Click, Cost Per Action and Search Marketing Effect. You can also use the SEO tool to perform a search engine optimisation analysis.

You can also use keywords from the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool. The Keyword Rank API tool also comes with a difficulty score tool that measures your target keyword difficulty. You get to see the ideal density for your keyword that helps you determine the best bid. The difficulty score helps you determine the profitability of your keywords. The SEO research software also contains many tools that you can use to run PPC campaigns.

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