Monitor Your Website Rankings With Google API Keyword Ranking Checker

Google API keyword ranking is a special service provided by Google that helps the website owner in various ways. These services provide a wide range of options such as keyword tracking, optimization and monitoring. This service is very helpful to the website owners to understand their competitors as well as the market trends. This also provides the website owner with a clear idea of what keywords are being searched for. The popularity of the keywords determines the SERP position.

There are two ways of getting your website rank Checker API and Keyword Positioning API. The first one is manual, while the second one is automatic. The manual method involves regular updates of the keyword listings with the help of websites. It may also involve regular monitoring of the keyword position by the keyword ranking checker.

However this method is time consuming. You need to update the list of keywords on a regular basis. It may also involve making extra efforts to register the keyword in different domain names and change its DNS server details. On the other hand Google’s Keyword Positioning API provides automated services. This API makes it easy for you to keep a track of your keyword position.

The first step is to get the keyword tool from the Google website. Once you have the tool, you need to type the keyword on the text box. In the search box, enter the name of the website that you want to monitor the keyword ranking. Then click the “Track Keyword” button. You should receive an alert in your email box. The next step is to log in to the Google website using your personal user ID and password.

You will receive a link in your email box that points you to another page. This other page will contain the google api keyword ranking Checker tool. You need to click the “Create keyword ranking checker” button.

Once you click the “Create keyword ranking checker” button, you will receive a pop up window. It is advisable to fill in the information requested by the API keyword ranking checker. Then click the “OK” button. Finally you will be able to monitor the keyword popularity and position of your keywords.

You can also access Google’s paid keyword tool for researching more targeted keyword options. Google’s keyword tool will provide you with keyword statistics and data, including daily and monthly keywords, relative competition and other trending information. The Google API keyword ranking tool can help you create keyword campaigns that are effective and that will achieve a high level of website visibility.

If you are new to keyword optimization, you can use Google’s free keyword ranking tool. However, if you wish to monitor your keywords’ rankings, it is highly recommended that you make use of Google’s paid keyword tool. This free tool is just one part of a complete SEO package. You must incorporate all the free tools and services into your overall SEO strategy if you want to achieve high search engine rankings and the top position in Google.

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