Movie Promo – Make Sure to Watch This Old Movie Trailer For 2020

My friend’s friend got me the online movie of what I think is a new movie trailer for 2020. And that’s not an official website, but rather a movie news site that checks in with the official website of the movie every day. That’s why it has to be officially approved by Universal Studios and it’s also just a rumor for now.

What’s that movie trailer about anyway? Well, it’s an early theatrical trailer for what will be the newest installment of the much talked about new movie, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ “Oblivion” starring หนังใหม่ Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford.

And it’s not a movie trailer for another year, which is a good thing because it will make its premiere in June. There’s so much I want to say about this teaser, but you have to go to the site itself to read it.

In fact, I bet you wish you were at home watching this online movie instead of your computer. It’s so close to the actual cinemas, in fact, that you could hardly tell the difference, which is great if you’ve never been to a cinema before. Plus, you know you’re getting the same quality as you would in a real movie theater.

The background was filmed in many famous spots like Times Square, the Empire State Building, and even the Dolby Theatre where the credits are shown in the new Full HD version of the trailers. The scenes are spliced together so well that they do not interfere with each other. If you watched the trailers at their real theaters, you’d notice that everything is done a bit differently.

Also, if you take into consideration the special effects this movie trailer uses, it makes you realize how old the real movie trailer for “Oblivion” is. Everything looks more realistic than the fake look of the fake trailers which would make you think that “Oblivion” was new and fresh.

Even though I’m glad that you get to see this new movie trailer for “Oblivion” on full HD, I still find it a little strange. After all, I don’t recall seeing the movie until this past weekend and most of the trailers were full of CGI. Sure, the fake trailers are fun, but why in the world would they use full CGI on trailers that were just promotional?

No doubt, the use of CGI for the fake trailers was done in order to get in front of more people, and I suppose Universal would want the buzz to be even more exciting for the release of the new movie. What do you think?

Well, I think the use of CGI is very understandable, but I can’t really say that I believe that having to use CGI on the movie trailers for a new movie trailer for 2020 was necessary. The movie trailer for “Oblivion” doesn’t really look too far from the real thing and even though it was already made and approved by Universal, I think the CGI was used so that the hype of the movie would be even more popular.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it the right move for the movie trailers for a new movie trailer for 2020?

It’s clear that both the official site and the movie mocha site were creating the full HD trailers for this movie and that the fake trailers are not in the movie. Even so, the new movie trailer for “Oblivion” looks very outdated.

Maybe the difference in visual effect was used so that people would be amazed with how a movie can look more realistic, but now we’re seeing the movie being considered old and out of date and a big turn off for fans of “Oblivion”. What do you think?

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