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profitwell paddle

BIG NEWS: Paddle acquires ProfitWell to "do it for you"

ProfitWell Integrations

Send data in & out of ProfitWell with these integrations.

Get reporting data into ProfitWell

Connect these data sources to power ProfitWell’s subscription analytics — 100% free.

Subscription Revenue integrations maintained by third parties
User Engagement integrations maintained by ProfitWell

Export revenue data to your tech stack

Get clean, absolutely accurate subscription metrics in your CRM and marketing automation tools.

Enrich customer profiles within ProfitWell

ProfitWell automatically enriches your customer data with these databases for deeper segmentation — 100% free, no setup required.

Don’t see your integration listed? Tell us!

We’re constantly working to add new integrations to ProfitWell. Tell us what software you use, and we’ll add it to our list (we may even be working on it already)!

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