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ProfitWell Segment: Subscription Analytics Uncover Growth Sources

Neel Desai Dec 17 2018

We're on a mission to help subscription companies grow, and we're excited to build on that today by launching ProfitWell Segment, a free add on to ProfitWell metrics that identifies exactly where your growth is (or isn't) coming from. 




In the pursuit of understanding what drives subscription growth, we're obsessed with facilitating behaviours that drive growth, and limit behaviours that hinder growth. This thesis has driven all the work we've done— from studying the depths of subscription pricing with Price Intelligently, to giving you a single source of truth for your company's financial metrics with ProfitWell's free financial metrics.

But as we've seen time and time again, the complexities around being disciplined around growth become increasingly challenging as you get bigger. Cutting through the noise to figure out exactly which customer segments to focus on is hard. This is where ProfitWell Segment comes into play. 

You can get ProfitWell Segment for free by signing up here.  


What exactly does ProfitWell Segment do? 

ProfitWell Segment uncovers which customer segments are driving or detracting from your subscription growth, so you can double down on what’s working.

Segment by gender, location, usage, and up to 107 other pre-built segments —right out of the box. We've done the hard part in statistically qualifying data coverage so you know what traits you can make decisions on, and which ones you should proceed with caution. And of course —(in true ProfitWell fashion) no API's or SQL queries required. 


We'll identify and compare interesting customer segments across your metrics. 


The real power comes when we start combining this segmentation engine with ProfitWell's built in metrics platform. So if you're curious if location actually impacts your growth metrics - or if the industry of your customers affect unit economics, we'll show you.  

You can get ProfitWell Segment for free by signing up here.  


How do you get started? How much does it cost? 

ProfitWell Segment, like ProfitWell Metrics, is completely free. We know we're providing considerable value in giving away the metrics for free, but we believe it makes more sense for us to make money when you make money. As such, our business runs on selling our other products like Price Intelligently and ProfitWell Retain.

If you already have a ProfitWell account - well, you don't have to do anything :) No API's or SQL queries required. 

Otherwise, to get moving with ProfitWell Segment, you just need to start the ball rolling by grabbing your free ProfitWell account here. We've done a considerable amount of work to make setup exceptionally straightforward and turnkey. Depending on your billing system setup will take no time at all.

If you have any questions, of course, reach out to

As for the future, we're going to keep cranking on researching and learning our way to finding Subscription Nirvana. If you want to join the mission, keep in touch with what's next, or just ask any questions, let us know at We're more than happy to help. 

By Neel Desai

Product Lead, ProfitWell

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