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BIG NEWS: Paddle acquires ProfitWell to "do it for you"

Subscription Stimulus Package: Earn 20% of your MRR in Free Software

Patrick Campbell May 8 2020


Times are unprecedentedly turbulent. Let’s face it—the confusion of a global pandemic is difficult enough, let alone adding a spiraling economy into the mix. 

Nevertheless, among the chaos, I have been inspired and impressed in seeing communities come together during this time of crisis. Whether it’s local communities supporting artists, restaurants and healthcare workers, or communities of entrepreneurs and operators banding together to help one another weather this storm. It’s more important than ever to help one another in any way that we can. Through community is how we will overcome these extraordinary times.



Personally, the subscription community has given so much to ProfitWell over the years—it’s our turn to give back. Which is why we, along with over 70 partners, have put together the first-ever Subscription Stimulus Package


Here’s what you can expect:

    • 20% of your monthly recurring revenue in new products to protect your growth
    • Access to the ProfitWell SaaS Index—a dataset that will be updated daily, on Recur Now, to help you better understand what’s happening in the subscription market
    • A community for all the help and advice you need during these unprecedented times


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing more data on how the subscription market is shifting and continue to rally the community to help you grow during this difficult time. 

There have been plenty of dark moments, but there is beauty to be found in this—in the ability to come together and fight for our team and our customers. We’re in this together.

Click here to get started. 

By Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, the software for helping subscription companies with their monetization and retention strategies, as well as providing free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over 20,000 companies. Prior to ProfitWell Patrick led Strategic Initiatives for Boston-based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.

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