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Notion goes back to school

Abby Sullivan Sep 19 2019

Today, Notion goes back to school with a smart move in the education market. We also ask our ProfitWell crew how much I'd have to pay them to move cross country for work. We have your daily digest, here. 


Today's Top Subscription News

Salesforce Goes Sustainable

Salesforce, a global cloud computing company that develops CRM solutions, is developing a product that will gauge other organizations' sustainability progress.

It's creating the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, a product aimed to help other organizations track and reduce their carbon footprint.

The application will look similar to Salesforce, but will instead track carbon emissions, renewable energy usage, and how a company is meeting its sustainability goals.

WeWork Keeps Spotlight, Loses Employees

Hours after announcing plans to delay an initial public offering, WeWork laid off a handful of employees in a New York City unit that manages on-demand office rentals.

Bloomberg reported, "The firings Tuesday could send a small signal to public investors that WeWork is willing to reduce spending." 

How about a hot take? 

Entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. At least, that's what Kurt Elster thinks. Elster, otherwise known as "the Shopify guy," tweeted,

"Are entrepreneurs risk-takers? I say no. I think full time employment is very risky. It's a single source of income with little control over your work life. Self-employment gives you near total agency and diversified income streams. It's much safer. Agree or disagree?"

This hot take brought in mixed reviews. One tweeter who disagreed said,

"Disagree. To get a job, you apply and interview. You invest time and you get taken care of. To start a business, you invest your savings, invest in healthcare or risk your life, no retirement or benefits. You risk it all with no promise of return. With risk comes reward." 

Deep Dive

Back to School with Notion

The power of Notion — the all-in-one workspace tool — is now free for the education market. The company said today that teachers and students who sign up with an academic email address will get a free upgrade to the premium version of the software, which entitles them to unlimited uploads, storage, and version history features.

Students can use it to take and share notes in class or to organize their tasks into to-do lists. Teachers might leverage it to create syllabi and share them with students or create a wiki for the class.

It’s a brilliant strategy by Notion, because it displaces competition in the education market like Evernote, Bear, and Google Docs — while ensuring future users. As Notion users ourselves, our ProfitWell team can attest to increased alignment and transparency ability while leveraging the platform. It only makes sense that a company that recently hit 1 million users is further pushing into a market that could exponentially benefit from its resources.

The company’s emphasis on subscription revenues from the start enabled it to become profitable much faster than most fast-growing San Francisco startups, and it has surged to an $800 million valuation just three years after being founded.

And the announcement was met with serious gratitude and intrigue, as Twitter exploded with copious tweets by educators and students alike.


And Notion hopes the announcement makes those back-to-school vibes a bit calmer, cooler, and more collected.

Name Your Price

Name Your Price is a game during which players are prompted with questions of monetary value — reminiscent of childhood discussion, but with prompts both bigger & bolder. Today, I’m joined by Pricing Strategists Gina Eygenson and Ian Black, Sr. Finance and Accounting Manager Andrew Gierer, and Product Manager Neel Desai, who answer how much I'd have to pay them to move cross country for work.

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By Abby Sullivan

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