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BIG NEWS: Paddle acquires ProfitWell to "do it for you"

ProfitWell Customer Health Scores

Health Scores

ProfitWell uses machine learning to automatically predict which users are about to churn — no analysis required.

Reporting on subscription metrics for 30,000 companies and growing
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Your customer success team is overwhelmed with distractions

Confusing Customer Support Dashboard

With so many users clamoring for your team’s time, you’re probably ignoring the disengaged customers that are about to leave.

ProfitWell's Health Scores help find and save them, before it's too late.


Health Scores recognize when users are likely to churn

Monitor trends in
user engagement

Algorithms compare user engagement across 23.4k subscription companies, and continue to improve with more data.

Measure churn risk in real time

ProfitWell automatically predicts every customer's likelihood of churning, based on their engagement.

Rescue churning customers
before it's too late

Get alerts when users go from safe to at-risk
Target salvage offers and customer support
Find expansion revenue opportunities
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