What Are Unit Economics in SaaS? Definition & Explanation

Unit economics are often considered one of the foundational building blocks of business, but
By Danette Acosta

Total Contract Value: Why it’s important and how to calculate it

SaaS companies need a consistent data stream to improve efficiency and revenue growth. To
By Patrick Campbell

What Are Unbilled Receivables and When Should You Account for It?

Knowing when your hard-earned cash can be counted as revenue is a vital process for subscription
By Patrick Campbell

Discount Rate Formula: Calculating Discount Rate [WACC/APV]

Let’s say you’re the CEO of WellProfit, a growing, Boise-based SaaS company that’s bound for the
By Patrick Campbell

What is ARPU? Calculate & Optimize Average Revenue Per User

Getting to know your customer is what separates the losers from the winners in the SaaS world.
By Jordan T. McBride

Calculating Your Own SaaS Metrics? You're Probably Inaccurate

  SaaS founders are an awesome bunch. We're "Get Stuff Done" people used to hacking our way to
By Patrick Campbell

Developing On Stripe: Easy to Start; Hard To Get Right

NOTE: This post is a bit different than our normal content, and comes from the ProfitWell
By Eric Yu

SaaS Finance: Bookings vs Revenue vs Collections vs MRR vs ARR

Finance and accounting team members are the unsung heroes of the subscription and SaaS world,
By Patrick Campbell

Rolling Saas Metrics Deceive You. Here's How.

What is the point of calculating and tracking your SaaS metrics?
By Andrew Tate

Understanding ACV vs. ARR in SaaS Subscription Business

There are so many SaaS acronyms used daily—LTV, CAC, MRR, ARR, ROI, ARPU—making it difficult to
By Patrick Campbell
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